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As we suspect is the case for any established pop act pursuing a sideline in the burgeoning tot-rock scene, play too many kiddie shows and it’ll leave you itching for an adult affair. All of which is meant to say that our swing-pop darlings in the Biddies are feeling Lascivious tonight, and they’ve got some slinky new numbers they can’t wait to try on just for you.
Time Out NY 2011

Manhattan's hippest Girl Group
The Washington Post

Angelic vocal harmonies, wordy humor, jazz chops & pop moxie
Time Out NY

The Lascivious Biddies -- a steadily rising, all-female New York City quartet -- write and perform songs so offbeat, so unique and so encompassing of other music categories that they had to come up with their own name for what they do: cocktail pop.
The Bergen County Record

The Lascivious Biddies push the sexy, both in name and the way that they sell themselves, but what the New York female quartet really has going on is chops and intelligence.
The Providence Journal

For my part, I think of them as exceptionally imaginative purveyors of the exuberant polystylism that is now the source of so much of the creative energy in the best post-postmodern American art. Jazz, pop, rock, country, classical: the Lascivious Biddies like what they like, and don’t much care what it’s called. Instead of wasting time worrying about labels, rules, and recipes, they just mix it all together and serve it up. That’s what I call a hot dish.
Terry Teachout (of The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times)

The cast of Sex and the City transformed into a modern jazz quartet
Steve Smith (of Time Out NY)

Early on, it was difficule to define The Lascivious Biddies' music. But now they have a name for it, and they are making quite a name for themselves, too.
The Philadelphia Intelligencer

...Vivacious personalities and a distinctive pop-meets-cabaret music style. Their classical, airy jazz arrangements; rich four-part harmonies; and salty yet charming lyrics culminate in a sound reminiscent of World War II cabaret performers, jazz greats, and a little Joan Jett attitude thrown into the mix.
The Villager

Surprising also might describe the Lascivious Biddies, a charming, musically skilled and stylistically diverse group that reflects the broad range of influences of its members
The Orlando Sentinel 04-2006

They're witty and wacky and, to judge by their name, maybe a little naughty too.
Sunday Boston Globe 8-14-05

Multiply the Roches by Nellie McKay, then factor in a broad definition of swing, and what you come up with sounds a lot like the Lascivious Biddies
The Providence Phoenix

We ended up being cutting edge accidently,'' said Lee Ann Westover, lead singer for the quartet, which also includes keyboard player Deidre Rodman, bassist Saskia Lane and guitarist Amanda Monaco. ``We didn't understand what was happening until we were in the midst of it.
The Boston Herald 8-11-05

What do you do when you've got a group of four classically trained girl musicians, a certain shared affection for jazzy pop and the Go-Gos and a literate, slightly salty sensibility about small town girls in the big city?
The Concord Monitor 8-11-05

SXSW 2005
NYC's Lascivious Biddies are back after a successful national debut at SXSW, following their self-released 2002 debut, Biddi-Luxe. The all-lady jazz, pop, and cabaret quartet just released Get Lucky, featuring a four-part harmony version of the Smith's "Ask."
The Austin Chronicle 3-17-05

SXSW 2005
Concert Review!
If the Donnas are rock's answer to girl power, then the Lascivious Biddies are jazz's answer to female singularity.
The Austin American-Statesman 3-20-05

The secret to the Biddies' success is in the way they balance infectious spunk with impressive skill. Guitarist Amanda Monaco and pianist Deidre Rodman both rank among the city's foremost young jazzers, while bassist Saskia Lane comes equipped with conservatory-honed chops; singer Lee Ann Westover adds a compelling set of pipes and attitude to spare. -Steve Smith
CD REVIEW in Time Out NY 12-16-04

Now they're being played on other podcasts and there's definitely more people at their shows who've learned about them on podcasts.

What exactly do the Lascivious Biddies play? Think Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys with Dave Frishberg-like goofy/smart lyrics, major-league instrumental chops and a pop-meets-jazz streak that never takes itself too seriously.
The Boston Herald 11-19-04

The Lascivious Biddies claim they play jazz, but what we hear is closer to cabaret--no offense, Biddies! Indeed, the four women have a certain amused urban touch that's more Upper West Side coffee shop than downtown dark alley. ..."Biddi-luxe!" starts off with the brilliant "Coney Island," the best valentine to this city of ours we've heard in a long time.
Time Out NY 9-09-2004

The Lascivious Biddies compose original songs and re-arranged midcentury standards, displaying mellifluous four-part harmonies, Juilliard-School technical proficiency, and a mélange of cabaret, jazz, and vocal pop. Their fun-and-refined debut, Biddi-luxe!, came out last year. - David Lynch
The Austin Chronicle 03-2003

As for the Biddies, they're a pop-jazz quartet of clever women who yoke two similarly dissimilar styles -- girl-group vocals and King Cole Trio-style instrumentals -- to charming effect.
-Terry Teachout
The Washington Post 02-07-2003

One of our favorite things is to find the one place in town where everybody says you have to eat, and eat lunch there," said lead vocalist Lee Ann Westover. "We like the hole in the wall that has the best banana pudding or something. There's an absolutely stunning meal to be had in every town in the country.
Charlottesville Daily Progress 8-20-04

The Lascivious Biddies update the formula with an approach that blends the vocal interaction of doo-wop with the precise articulation and harmonizing of Jazz.
The Nashville Scene 10-2002

If you believe that your vote counts, you're transforming yourself because you're going from a passive stance to a very active stance, and that translates into all aspects of your life.
Knoxville Metro Pulse 11-2003

Cool Cool Kiddies
Come and hear these gals from New York City
The Roanoke Times 8-26-04

They're Biddie-lightful,
they're Biddie-licious,
they're Biddie-lovely
The Lascivious Biddies are winning New York hearts and minds with a lusty mix of jazz harmony and humor.